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  • 3 W Property Tax - Office Commercial Real Estate Experience

    Property tax liability has become an ever increasing issue with business owners across the states, and especially in Texas. At 3W Property Tax Services we strive to take the mystery and the burden of dealing with the various types of taxing entities and authorities out of the picture for our clients. Each state and counties within the states have unique deadlines of documentation filing that are imposed on the business owners based on their individual responsibilities. Failure to comply with these date sensitive deadlines will result in penalties levied on the value of the property being appraised. 3W insures that every “i” is dotted and every “t” is crossed with your property tax filings; leaving you to do what you do best; running your business.

    Business Personal Property and Commercial Real Property require a very different approach in the arena of the appeal process. Preparing a case for the appraisal district appeals process takes considerable time, research, and preparation. If a business does not have a person on staff dedicated solely to managing property tax accounts, well, the odds are slim that an appeal is ruled in favor of the business owner. 3W Property Tax Services spends a large portion of the year acquiring the needed data to support the values we place on fixed assets/inventories owned by clients. Work for a client begins the first week of August, and continues through July of the next year; depending upon the extent of the appeals process agents enter into.

    Location: WestMark Commercial

    Size: 1,300 Square Feet