1629 Broadway, Lubbock, TX 79401

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Built in 2014, The Making Memories Event Center is located within a unique area of the city, in the Central Business District. Modern design with new development, renewal and revitalization occurring all around this district. $39.5 million has been made by private and public business sectors in Downtown Lubbock since August 2010. The building will host up to 160 people for special events. Kitchen set up for catering plus one office, storage, male and female restrooms and drinking fountains. The outside has a gated courtyard and features canopy over granite serving bar, concrete and lawn patio, iron work and brick patio bench and a lions head fountain with tile back splash. Property also has a fire sprinkler system in place. 


Zoning: CB-2

Tenancy: Single Tenant

Year Built: 2014

Parking Description: 34 Paved Parking Spaces

Total Number of Buildings: 1